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With these NEW Air Fry Pan that uses air flow to heat up & cook food evenly

So you won’t need to add cholesterol-filled oil or fatty butter to your cooking.

With this Pan, you can cook any variety of food..

No More Cholesterol Oil Consumption

No Fatty Butter Consumption Too…

Just Fry With Air-Fry Pan

What Can I Use The "Gotham Air Fry Pan" For?

  • To Make Fried Chips & Chicken
  • To Make Fried/Grilled Fish or Meat
  • To Make Delicious Foods Like Pasta, Fried Rice etc And Any Kind Of Food At All
  • To Make Other Fries Easily Without Oil or Butter

How It Works

Each of these pans has three side vents that will allow air to circulate through its middle after it’s  placed on your hot stove-top or grill.

This air circulation will then create a convective effect inside the pan, which will enable any food in there to be fried up to 20 percent faster than it would be in other pans.

The air flowing through the pan, in combination with the heat from your grill or stove-top, will cook the food evenly and ensure that it’s crispy on the outside and tender enough on the inside.

Special Features

  1. Made of Strong Titanium – The Air Fry Pan is made of titanium that’s actually stronger than steel, so if you drop this pan on the floor, you won’t have to worry about it breaking. 
  2. Ceramic Inner Coating – Aside from being made of super-strong titanium, this pan also contains a ceramic inner coating that will make food slide off it quickly instead of stubbornly clinging on.
  3. Large Handle – Every one of these pans has a large handle that will help you hold onto it when you’re carrying it from place to place. This will reduce the risk that you’ll spill (and perhaps waste) hot fried food all over the floor while transporting it from your stove or grill to a counter or tabletop.
  4. Glass Lid – The Air Fry Pan comes with a glass lid that gives you the option of covering while using the pan to fry food. Due to the lid’s transparent nature, you’ll be able to see right through it as you cook, so you’ll always know what’s going on with your food. It has a sturdy handle too, so you’ll be able to hold it with your bare hands even if the pan is hot.
  5. Promotes Health – Using this particular pan to fry food can help improve your healthy lifestyle,  since you won’t need to use butter or oil, which can add a lot of calories and fat to any meal, along with it.
  6. No Flipping Required – The convection current of air that flows through each of these pans will cook the food inside evenly, on all sides, which means that you won’t need to flip anything over.
  7. Cleanup Can Be Quick – If you have tried washing a pan used for frying, you’ll know that fried particles can cling to the pan for too long. But with thisAir fry pan, cleaning up is a quick job because of its non-stick nature. Instead of sticking to the pan, any excess food will quickly slide off, even if it’s been burned on or was extra sticky or squishy to start.

NOTE: The pan isn’t dishwasher safe, but hand-washing it won’t be that much of a hassle since you may be able to complete the job in 30 seconds.

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Product Specification

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