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Would You Prefer Shouting/Walking From Office – to – Office To Get Information To Your Employees/Colleagues or Would You….

Just Pick Up This Wireless Intercom And Tell Them What You Want To Say

With this wireless intercom, you can reach 1 person, 10 persons or even a 100 persons within your organisation…

by simply dialing 2-3 numbers on the phone. 

No stress of installing, No monthly subscription, No worries about airtime recharge

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Take A Look At This Wireless Intercom

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Key Features of The Wireless Telecom

  • Long Lasting Battery: The intercoms come with an internal battery backup for power fluctuations/failures. The internal battery has the capacity & capability to power the system for over 5 days (without charging). The battery life span ranges from 10 -20 years

  • Easy To Use & Setup: This intercom system has already been programmed and coded with ID caller numbers (which are embedded under the system). It is also easy to setup as it is a plug and call system, which requires no installation. You’ll also find it contains up to 38 selectable ringing tones with an easy to control volume levels

  • Broad Communication Range:  This wireless desktop intercom system can connect to up to 100 EXTENSION units. The communication range is 1000 meters, it can cover all rooms in 10 storey Building.

  • Easy To Recharge: The detachable USB adapter and power cable technology allows a power bank emergency charging
  • Multi-Purpose Function: It can be used in the Office (for communication amongst staff in various departments & between Boss & secretary), in Hotels (To help communication between Hotel clients & the reception unit), At Home (for communication between the security unit & members of the house)


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Yes, You can rest assured that your information (Name, Phone number, Address etc) are kept safe, secure and ould not be shared with any third party.

Usually takes 1-3 days depending on your location

Yes, you have a 1-year warranty. If you encounter any challenge, we’ll change it and send you a new one without any extra cost.

Why You Should Place An Order Now

We offer a 1 year warranty policy. If you are not satisfied with our product, you can return it.

Our Brand is focused on offering our customers only premium quality products.

These set of intercoms are the latest edition and we only have about 39 pieces left in Nigeria.

Here Is How To Get Your Hands On This Wireless Telecom System Today..

Normally, This Telecom System Sells For N45,000 each But For Today, We Are Giving You Our Discount Package…



BUY BETWEEN 1-10 PCS FOR N30,000 each.


BUY 10 & ABOVE FOR N27,000 each


We beg you in God’s name (Jesus, Allah or any deity you worship), If you don’t have the complete money to pay for the product, please don’t make an order. And if you know you won’t be available to collect your order, please don’t place an order. It costs us a lot of money to send these items to you.

For Enquiries, Please reach us on 08120108968.


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