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This Jalin Herbal Remedy has helped men in their 30s, 40s, 50s and even 70s to perform their sexual duties to their wives & partners without any shortcomings…

Before I show you how this Jalin Herbal Remedy stops low libido, weak erection, premature ejaculation & all forms of erectile dysfunction, allow me to tell you some of the reasons why Men suffer from low sexual performance

1 – Excess intake of Alcohol, Sugary Drinks (like coke, fanta etc) & too much smoking of cigarettes

2 – Decreased circulation of blood flow within your body due to excess fat or too much toxins in the body system

3 – Low production of testosterone which is responsible for sparking the sexual desire of a man

And a host of other reasons I cannot point out here…

Let’s face it, there are a lot of sex enhancement drugs, supplements, sprays, oils etc in the market that promise to improve a man’s sexual performance but statistics proves that about 80% of them do not work and

The 10% that works end up leaving a side effect on your body (either a skin irritation or kidney complications etc)

And to be fair with you, none of the above listed alternatives treats the root cause of a Man’s sexual performance – they can at their best give you sexual satisfaction for a moment and will require that you use them continuously (which can end up causing you side effects)

But with this Jalin Herbal Remedy, you’re guaranteed to address the root causes of low sex libido, weak erection, premature ejaculation and all forms of erectile dysfunction (ED) with pure herbs carefully selected and processed under a NAFDAC approved facility

How Will This JALIN HERBAL REMEDY Stop Premature Ejaculation, Low Sex Libido, Weak Erection & All Forms Of Erectile Dysfunction?

Every bottle of Jalin Herbal Remedy is packed with natural honey, lepeduim mehenil, liriosma ovata, ginseng & other traditional leaves, barks and roots that has been carefully picked and thoroughly processed for human consumption to help you in:


Improving Your Physical Stamina So You Can Last Longer In Bed – This Jalin Herbal Remedy contains honey which has been proven to help in boosting men’s libido which increases the desire for sexual pleasure hence improving your sexual performance. Aside the fact that it increases libido, it also helps to restore energy, enhance physical stamina & reduce the risk of heart related diseases


*  Improving Your Sperm Fertility So You Can Easily Get Your Woman Pregnant – One of the popular herbs in this combination is the lepeduim mehenil (also known as Maca) which is responsible for boosting the fertility of a man such that when you have sex with your partner, your sperm will be active and fertile to get your woman pregnant


Increasing Your Sexual Performance So You Can Enjoy The Sexual Experience With Your Woman – This Jalin Herbal Remedy contains a traditional root known as “liriosma ovata” which helps you fight every form of erectile dysfunction and also deals with every problem associated with sexual satisfaction


Improving the pumping of Blood Flow So You Can Get Adequate Flow Of Blood To Your GenitalsJalin Herbal Remedy contains the famous chinese Ginseng roots that helps to clear your blood vessels of toxins and irregularities that slows down the pumping of blood flow from the heart to the private part which makes you last longer and gives your penis a stronger, harder erection


Boosting the immune system & Fighting Weak Erection – With the combination of the traditional herbs, you’re guaranteed to strengthen your immune system so your body system can fight every form of infection. It also helps to fight fatigue which is the a common reason for quick ejaculation and also improve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) so you can have a stronger, long-lasting erection

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Trust me, these same people tried different sprays, different drugs, different supplements etc for a solution but found none until this Jalin Herbal Remedy put a permanent stop to their sexual problems and helped them satisfy their woman in bed

So How Much Does It Cost To Get This Jalin Herbal Remedy?

NOTE: It is highly recommended that this “Jalin Herbal Remedy” be taken for at least 1- month to get a significant result but if you don’t have the finance, you can check the other options as provided below:

Normally, each bottle of Jalin Herbal Remedy costs GHC 250 but due to the current economic situation in the country we will not sell for such a high price (that will be too insensitive of us as a business). In fact, we will even give you an EXTRA FREE Bottle when you buy 1 bottle for GHC 170

That means if you Buy 1 bottle, You will get 15% DISCOUNT – (All for just GHC 170, Instead Of GHC 250)

(Buy 1 Bottle & Get 15% DISCOUNT for GHC 170)

And, we went further to help you… If you get the One Month Package (which is 2 bottles), you’ll also get 1 bottle for FREE + 1 bottle of SAMSU OIL

Buy 2 Bottles & Get 1 FREE Bottle (+ 1 SHAMSU Oil) for GHC 300

What The SHAMSU Oil Can Do For You

Note: This SHAMSU Oil (which costs GHC 70) will only be added to your package if you order for the 1 month package.

Incase you’re wondering what this SHAMSU Oil can do for you, Here is what this pack of SHAMSU Oil will do for you:

This is another powerful herbal treatment for Power Surging Sex that helps to compliment the work of the Jalin Herbal Remedy in a Man by ensuring that the sex is pleasurable and enjoyable

–  It helps to fights veneral disease & bacteria that causes your genitals to emit bad odour – When you rub this oil on your penis and it’s absorbed into your body system, you’ll discover that it contains antiseptic that helps destroys those abnormal infection growth in the penis that causes the emission of bad odour

With this SHAMSU Oil, you are guaranteed permanent maximum sexual pleasure and never to feel weak or disappointed when your partner asks you for sex

NOTE: FREE Delivery is available nationwide and you can pay on delivery

But...Wait, What If I Use The 1 Month Package & It Doesn't Work?

I understand how you feel, because most marketers have told you their products is the best solution and after taking them you end up not getting results

But, with us, you don’t need to panic as if after 1 month of treatment you do not get a positive result whatsoever from this Jalin Herbal Remedy, you can call the Manager on this number 07056008526 and ask for a refund and you’ll get your money back 100%

We are so confident of the effectiveness of this product that we are sure to refund you 100% if you don’t get results

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