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Frequently Asked Questions

You can drink the water and suck the juice off the herbs but don’t swallow it

No, this tea is purely a herbal tea and can’t cause any harm to your liver

For anyone who has infections, it is advisable to first treat the infection before taking this herbs as this herbs is not meant for treating infections

No, this remedy is meant for men only. You can get the fertility remedy for women here

There are 10 sachets of herbs in a pack

One pack can last 10 days

You should take it twice everyday till you have finished the packs

For best results, we highly recommend that you start with the 1 – month package which is 3 packs for N25,000

Abstain from alcohol, cigarettes and sugary drinks

Yes, you can be having sex with your wife while using this herbal product

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The prices we now pay for purchasing these items from abroad and shipping them into the country has doubled – due to high exchange rates

And this is having an impact on our business so we will only be sending out this packages to those who are serious and ready to put an end to low sperm count, low motility, weak erection etc

If you are serious about putting an end to low sperm count, low motility, weak erection, watery sperm etc and want to become the married man with a child to call your own and a child to keep your legacy, take advantage of this promo prices before it ends tonight

How Much Does It Cost?

How Do I Use It?

  1. Empty one teabag (containing the herbs) into the cup of boiled/hot water
  2. Allow to steep/brew for 5-8 minutes, then filter and drink
  3. Repeat daily for results

Now You Can Have It Thicker, Harder & Better

  • No More Premature Ejaculation
  • Increased Libido and Sex Drive
  • Increased and Healthier Sperm Counts
  • Regain and Sustain Maximum Erection
  • Improved Fertility and Vitality
  • Increased Stamina and Energy Levels

But Wait...What If This Product Doesn't Even Work For You?

If this product doesn’t work for you, You have our 100% Money back guarantee. That means if you try this product for atleast 30 days and you confirm with proof that it doesn’t give you the results as promised, you can reach us on 08120108968 to request for your money back and we’ll send it to you with apologies

And Honestly There Is No Risk At All

We understand that buying items online is a bit challenging and you don’t want to lose money so we are offering you a Pay-On-Delivery Option where you don’t pay for the product until it has been delivered to you.

That’s not all, we will be discreet in packaging the item so nobody (even the agents) knows what is contained in the package

One Last Thing..

Will you wait till tomorrow when the price will be increased Or will you just get this solution now?

So scroll down to the bottom of this page and drop your information so we can send your package to you right away

Important Information

Please DO NOT fill the Order form if you are not ready to pay for the All in One Male Fertility Tea in 2-3 business days that it will take to get to you, or if you may travel, or be too busy to receive the delivery.

Want To Reach Us Personally? Call or Whatsapp Here => 08120108968

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