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Dear Friend,

My name is Obiageli and I am a 33 years old lady who has suffered so much because of my body size & my big tummy before i finally found a solution that changed my life and i am sure it can help you too…

If you read this to the end, I’ll reveal to you the Asian Herbs that changed my life from a flabby, chubby depressed bank staff to a happy, lively lady and show you how you too can get the exact herbs to work for you. 

But before i tell you about that, allow me share with you a bit of my horrible experiences 

My Terrible Experiences

I use to wake up early to beat the early morning traffic to work

And before i leave my house, i always take a look at myself in the mirror

To be honest, i never liked what i used to see


Everything was turning from bad to worse for me

First was my body size, my tummy, my christian mother arm, then my clothes, then my attitude and my friends

I could no longer wear my beautiful dresses

I had grown bigger than them and buying new set of dresses was already taking too much money away from me

I was depressed, I had even lost most of my friends at the office because of how easily I get angry over the smallest things

They started getting scared of communicating with me – (I don’t blame them, who wants a troublesome friend?)

Infact, Dele that lived in the same estate with me stopped picking me up to work and was covering up with silly excuses

My anger problems had gotten worse after i tried doing everything i read in facebook groups and online forums about losing weight without any results to show

I also tried working out every weekend (since i worked in the bank and could not make it every morning by 6am)

It always ended in pains and made me sleep like somebody that cleared a hectare of farmland – very stressful

So I got a 28-day diet plan (which i expected to be very easy) from a fitness coach in one of the groups i joined – and truthfully, i started to see results but…

My God, it made me very hungry like i was going to die. At some point i felt like my intestine were going to twist

My skin was also going thin and i was looking like I was malnourished so i had to stop dieting

My sister suggested one of those green teas to me and i immediately bounced on it

It’s safe to say that the tea was just a complete waste of time & money

Because it caused me severe cramps and tummy churning that i don’t pray my enemy experience in their lifetime

I even tried the home remedies of taking lemon water with honey, powder of fenugreek seeds, and carom seeds

And did all the body movement as people always advised (aside from lifting my hand up to my mouth. lol) just because i wanted to lose weight

But none of them worked for me

The Game Changer

Until I got a call from an ex who was in China for his post graduate studies

He felt the depression in my voice and was concerned to insist on knowing why i was not lively

Long story cut short, he introduced me to this tea made of 3 Asian Herbs (Cassia seeds, Hemp Kernel seeds & korean hwangcha)

At first I was skeptical as I have never heard about or seen this product before…

After doing a bit of findings, here is a few things I discovered these herbs can help you achieve:

1- Lose weight – These plants/herbs contains antioxidants that have the ability to release harmful toxins out of your body and maintain a healthy digestive system that ensures that your appetite is kept under control

2- Blood Flow Circulation – One of the major things people with excess fat experience is unhealthy circulation of blood flow within the body which is the major lead to heart failure. But with these plants/herbs you are sure of improved distribution of of oxygen, blood and other nutrients throughout the body.

3- Improves Sleep – Now, if you struggle to lose weight like i used to before, you will agree that most times you suffer from stress and anxiety which forces you to lose sleep and stay awake most nights. This herbs will help you treat medical conditions like dizziness and insomia, improving your sleep quality

Now, if i want to talk about the benefits of these herbal seeds, you will spend the whole day reading this but i know that your time is precious and i don’t intend to waste any seconds of it

So here is how I took this tea.. (Please follow this steps accordingly)

1- Boil a teacup amount of water

2- Empty a sachet of the tea into the hot water

3- Allow to settle for some minutes (3-5 minutes)

4- Take it everyday (in the morning or evening)

So, i took this tea continously, everyday for about 14 days and on the 15th day i discovered I was no longer bloating, I was no longer feeling heavy in the morning, I was also able to walk a distance without sweating like “Christmas Goat” and what surprised me most was that some of my clothes started to feel lose

Still, I wasn’t convinced so i had to wait for 29 days

People of God, I couldn’t believe my eyes when i looked at the mirror

Just to clear my doubts, I used my tape to measure my circumference and i discovered I had lost almost 9-inches in just 29 days

It was unbelieveable…

Trust me, i didn’t keep quiet o

So i suggested the same tea to a lady (with a big tummy) in one of the facebook group who was also tired of stressful exercise and the wahala of dieting (See her picture below)

Guess what..

She ordered 2 packs and by the time she was done – she had lost her tummy fat

So she suggested that i help other ladies who have been struggling to lose body weight (just like we used to before) and are tired of using all those fake products that never work

But there is a challenge…

When I got my pack of tea, it was very expensive. It cost around N32,500 to get just 1 pack to me

But when I asked the supplier to sell to me in bulk – the price reduced to N29,000/pack

But considering the economy of the country and how tight it is to get money now, I have taken it upon myself to offer help to other women (who are ready to lose all the stubborn fat and get their confidence back) by crashing this price to N18,000 only

To show you, that i am willing to help you lose every toxic fat in your body and help you look beautiful again – I will be giving extra FREE packs to anyone that is serious and orders today

That means if you order 1-pack today, you’ll get 1 extra FREE pack for only N18,000. If you order 2 packs, you’ll get 2 extra packs FREE for just N30,000.

Wait, can you imagine this for a second?

What if after losing all the present body weight & stubborn fat that stole your confidence, and maybe 1 or 2 months later you start gaining all of the weight again – how will that make you feel?

Worried and depressed, right

But here is the Goodnews!…

Since most people, after losing the present weight find it very very difficult to maintain their body and they go back to square 1 again looking for the solution…

I have decided to share with every one that orders today the e-book that has helped me keep my shape after i stopped taking the tea (and honestly it costs me around $13) but if you are serious about losing weight and you order today, you’ll get it for FREE

Here is what the ebook will do to you. It will guide you on the right way to maintain your body after losing all the toxic fat so you never gain it back again

Does this look like what you want?

Wait.. Before you order, let me give you our “Too Confident” Guarantee

I believe that this tea will transform your life like it did for me and some of my friends but if you order this tea today and you do as instructed but do not get the results – please send a message or call my customer care on 08120108968 and request for a refund and your money will be refunded without any questions asked.

(Honestly, you can even take a screenshot of this so you can keep it as proof to show our customer care staff)

That’s not all… We are going to deliver to the first 30 people that make an order today for FREE. And every order after that will have to pay a token between N2500 – N4000 depending on the location for delivery

Want this? Hurry, click the button below to join the first 30 people to get a FREE delivery now.

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Why Are You Still Doubting?

(When over 2315 Customers Are Satisfied & Are Saying This…)



Over 2000+ customers have bought this product and no one has complained ever of any side effect

Depending on your body system, you may not need to use the toilet after using it. But we recommend that your first usage should be at home so you can monitor your body system, else you can take it at night.

Normally, most of our customers get to see results in less than 30 days. But we advise to wait 15 – 45 days depending on your body system.

It tastes like lipton tea but with a nice aroma. If you want you can add honey for a better taste.

Please do not for use for pregnant and nursing mothers.

This tea suppresses your appetite and helps you eat only when necessary so you can eat any type of food as you normally do.

Yes, it works for both & women

You can take it early in the morning before having your breakfast or at night before going to bed

It is mainly made of natural herbs like cassia seeds, hemp kernel and green tea






How To Use It

  • Tear the top corners of the pack and pick out one sachet of the powdered tea. 
  • Unpack it and insert into a cup of hot water 
  • Then allow it to simmer/calm before drinking (Do this every morning OR every evening)


We beg you in God’s name (Jesus, Allah or any deity you worship), If you don’t have the complete money to pay for the product, please don’t make an order. And if you know you won’t be available to collect your order or want it to be delivered next week, please don’t place an order. It costs us a lot of money to send these items to you.


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