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Here Are 3 Fabulous Herbs That Works For All Men To Boost Your Sperm Count Making It Thick Enough To Impregnate A Woman

Did You Know?

An estimated 15–20% of couples in Nigeria suffer from delayed/no child birth. Of those, approximately 30–40% are due to infertility & 25% of the infertility are attributed to men due to factors like low sperm count, low libido & low sperm motility. Another 20% of those families are infertile due to a combination of both the male and female factors. Here is how fertile sperm looks like (check the picture below)

Causes Of Low Sperm Count

Although, there might be a lot of reasons that could trigger infertility in men, here are the common ones – Alcohol consumption, stress, drug addiction and an unhealthy diet might be cause of this issue but today I will show you 3 healthy and natural herbs that help boost your libido plus the quality and quantity of your sperm in no time

Here Are The Herbs

  1. Macca Roots: This is a root obtained from the popular Macca plant that is grown central Peru in the high plateaus of the Andes Mountains. It is clinically proven to increase libido, reduce erectile dysfunction, boosts energy and endurance, increases fertility, improves mood & reduces blood pressure. And, Macca root is not currently associated with any health risks and is unlikely to cause any side effects

2. Mulberry: This is also known as Molus plant popularly grown in Asia. According to research, it is said to contain compounds like polyohenol antioxidant as well as vitamin C, zinc, calcium, potassium, phosphorous and iron which are the building blocks of a healthy life and are required to build body tissues.  This does not only help improve the sperm quality but also protect sperm cells from destructive free radicals.

3. Radix Ginseng: Is an age long Chinese herbal medicine used for other health benefits like improving brain functions (like memory, behavior and mood) & boosting of immune system, etc. However, it has also been clinically proven to protect against oxidative stress in blood vessels and tissues in the penis and help restore normal functioning of the penis

These 3 herbs are very powerful when it comes to increasing your sexual drive and also sperm quality and quantity. Adding these herbs to your diet guarantees powerful sperm that’s good enough to impregnate your wife even if you go just one round of sex in the bed room, heck you don’t need to go on marathon sex or multiple sex rounds to impregnate your woman.

Now, I know you may be wondering where to get these herbs here in Nigeria. Honestly, you can’t find any of them here in Nigeria but there is goodnews…

Here Is The Goodnews


Although, You might not be able to get these herbs altogether due to the location barrier. How about a herbal combination that fuses all the herbs and more into one single cup of tea?

Now, this 100% herbal remedy I’m about to reveal to you is your ticket to increasing your sexual drive and sperm count

Many men who suffer low sperm count and poor libido have confessed that after using this herbal remedy for at least 7 days at a stretch they discovered that their ejaculated sperm was as thick as PAP and their wives took in within few months after using this solution.

They also discovered that the urge to have sex with their women skyrocketed and they suddenly enjoyed longer and pleasurable sexual sessions with their women even if they had previously suffered from poor sexual drive and premature ejaculation.

Thanks to these 100% natural remedy without any side effects.

Do you want to boost the quality and quantity of your sperm so you can impregnate your wife easily?

Do you want to enjoy a healthy sexual life as well as boost your libido? If your answer is yes, allow me introduce you this 100% natural product that is currently helping over 1283 men enjoy their sex life and impregnate their wives…..

Take a look at this woman that got this same herbal remedy for her husband, after a few months see what she had to say…

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